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antipeta2's Journal

Anti PeTA
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The new anti-PeTA community
Hi, Kids!!

This is the revival of veryantipeta, which was somehow deleted by lj_abuse because of a huge dramafest that the mods were completely unaware of! To prevent this in the future, all entries will be moderated as will comments. We'll see if we can play nice this time. Also, we have some rules around here.


1. Play nice, please. Trolls will be perma-banned. Drama is really funny, but not when it's getting your entire comm banned, so if you see it, please report it to the mod(s) immediately.
2. Stay on topic. This community is about how much PeTA sucks. Not how much you hate vegans or think tofu is nasty.
3. Have fun and maintain a good sense of humor. We have a wide diversity of thoughts and opinions in this community. If you are getting pissy about something someone said, just chill out. If you think someone is trolling, email the mod(s).

Got some problems? Questions? Butthurt? Email ladyrepublica (email address above)!